Twitter vending machines + soccer legend = free bag of chips

A Twitter vending machine? What could that possibly entail? Well if you take Gary Lineker, a soccer legend turned sports broadcaster, and put him in a vending machine at bus stops in London you would get free Walkers crisps. An article in The Daily Mail said the effort is part of the Do Us A Flavour (British spelling, of course) campaign, a national search to find a delicious new chip flavor with a £1million prize — similar to the same campaign in the U.S. Walkers have installed vending machines at three bus stops in London featuring the six final flavors. Take a look at the video to see how bus stop patrons reacted:

By simply tweeting @Walkers_busstop, along with a code provided to them after they arrived, commuters were given a free packet of crisps by a virtual Lineker.

Through this effort the company was able to utilize social media platform Twitter, a celebrity endorsement and product sampling — and I would expect word of mouth as well.

What do you think of this unique way of promoting a new product? More importantly, would you “tweet to eat” or would you be so freaked out by a person inside a vending machine that you’d make your way to another bus stop?


5 thoughts on “Twitter vending machines + soccer legend = free bag of chips

    • They may have done this right before you left. It would be interesting to see the results and track whether or not they considered the campaign a success. If it was, it makes me wonder what else (or who else) companies are willing to put in vending machines.


    • It’s kind of funny: the potato chip company was thinking outside of the box by putting a famous former soccer player inside of a box…a.k.a. a vending machine. As I mentioned above it would be interesting to see how successful the company was in spreading the word and generating buzz during their temporary pick a flavor campaign. And more so, whether other companies will try to emulate it.


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