Restaurant hopes to knock ‘Grand Slams’ web series out of the ballpark

Bacon, eggs, sausage, pancakes and hash browns. Hungry for more? Denny’s is using these popular breakfast items as part of a new animated web series to be launched Oct. 15 that features its signature Grand Slam menu item.

An article in Nation’s Restaurant News states that the cartoon series, “The Grand Slams,” is the latest in the restaurant’s ongoing effort to reach Millennials with brand marketing designed specifically for viral social media play. Here’s a sample of one of the videos:

Seven episodes will be released through January, with story lines touching on Halloween, “a Bold Coffee emergency” and more.

John Dillon, Denny’s vice president of marketing, said in a statement, “As we continue to grow as a brand and engage with our Millennial audience both on- and offline, it is important we extend conversations beyond our diner walls and into the social world where they live and breathe.”

Denny’s will feature the series on other digital platforms as well. In addition to watching episodes online at, guests can scan QR codes on placemats in restaurants or through the chain’s mobile app, where they can learn more about the cast.

Do you think featuring breakfast items in a web series will engage Millennials, or is the concept “too young” for this target audience? Whatever your stance, an article in eMarketer seems to think branded videos are what consumers want. The article states that consumers are enthusiastic about branded videos, with 59 percent of U.S. adult Internet users saying they watched them when they visited a brand’s website. Despite consumer interest, 75 percent of U.S. marketers said producing and delivering video (besides commercials) was not a top priority, and nearly half didn’t plan to increase efforts this year. In addition, 53 percent of marketers didn’t think consumers wanted to see videos from their company. The graphic below shows consumer attitudes toward branded videos.

177599ClickZ breaks down the type of videos consumers want to watch.

levelsbeyonddata-580x358Brandlive, a platform that facilitates live, interactive video states that 70 percent of consumers surveyed state they are “more or highly likely” to purchase a product after interacting with it through a Brandlive video. “Video is the most powerful medium for brand and product storytelling,” said Fritz Brumder, founder of Brandlive.

Will Denny’s be able to hit a home run with its branded videos or will the company strikeout?


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